Book Trailers & Video Countdowns

The Latest Craze…countdown videos

Did you know that videos are the most shared and engaged post on Facebook? That a boosted video post will get almost 1000x the engagement than a link post? Doing a countdown to your release day is an excellent marketing tool that has not been “overused.”

Starting at $350 for 6 videos

Book Trailers

It’s like having a commercial for your book. We all know that commercials work. Why not join the marketing gurus and go all the way?

The trailers that Parajunkee Design creates for you are not using an online software that kicks out “prefab” trailers. The PJD composes the music, gets custom shots, even sets up location scenes, if that is what is required.

Starting at $350 for 1 15s stock teaser video.

Book Trailer Pricing

The prices listed below are starting prices, please email us for a quote. There are many things involved in creating a custom video for you, let us know what you need and we’ll work up the contract that fits your needs.

Countdown Trailer

6 10second Videos for Facebook
  • 6 Videos
  • 10s Each
  • Starting price is based off the use of stock sound & video

Feature Length Trailer

1 minute Book Trailer
  • HD Video
  • One 60s+ Video
  • Starting price for stock sound and video

Purchase a Book Trailer from Parajunkee Design

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