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A Unique Option for Easy & Quick Install

Parajunkee's View offers you a unique and very affordable option for your Blogger Blog. You can purchase and download immediately, pre-made templates tailored to meet the needs of your Blogger Blog. Templates include detailed instructions and XML files that are easily installed and customizable. These are fun and affordable. Designed specifically for book bloggers and authors.

Premium Blogger CMS Templates

Dark & Paranormal Theme Blogger Templates for Bloggers

The Skullsy Paranormal Book Blogger Template
Score one for the Skulls & The Books!

Tattoos and Books
Book Blogger Template
because books and tattoos = drool.

Tattoos and Books, Book Blogger Template

The Para Girls
Six Different Girls
Pick your Para Poison and create an awesome blog.

The Para Girls, Paranormal Blogger Template

Fantasy Blogger Template
Book Blogger Template
Buy the template, get it customized.

Fantasy Blogger Template

The Para 2 Template
Paranormal Template that can be used for generic blogs. Features a dark fairy and a full moon. Perfect for a paranormal themed blog.


Paranormal Themed Blogger Template

 The Para Template 1
Another unique paranormal themed template that can be applied to a generic blog.


Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 10.04.04 AM

Beautiful & Vintage Blogger Templates

Go for that classic style with a Beautiful New look. Templates starting at $15

Marble Book Blogger
Book Blogger Template
Customizable Book Blog Template

Marble Book Blogger Template

Petunia Loves to Read
Book Blogger Template
A hand-drawn, original template.

Petunia Loves to Read, Blogger Template for Sale

Paper Vintage Template
Book Blogger Template
A parchment inspired template.

The Paper Vintage Template

Healthy Girl Template
Book Blogger Template
Healthy Girls like to read template for book bloggers.

Healthy Girl Book Blogger Template

Paper Vintage 2 Template
Book Blogger Template
Inspired by a fantasy feel and parchment. :D

The Paper Vintage Book Blogger Template

Budget Paper Vintage
Book Blogger Template
Get the Paper Vintage look for a budget price.

Paper Vintage Budget

BookShelves Template
Book Blogger Template
Computers & books...engage.

Computers and Books Blog Template

Flowers and Book
Book Blogger Template
A pretty photo template for blogging books

Flowers and Books Template

The Cloud Reader Template
Book Blogger Template
Simple template for a low price.

Cloud Reader Book BLogger Template

The Beautiful Reader Template
Book Blogger Template
Relax with a great template.

Beautiful Reader Template

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